6 Top Tips for Amateur Event Photographers

event photography tipsGetting hired to take pictures at various events is a job that some professional photographers love to do. By shooting events, they get plenty of opportunities not only to earn an income but also to hone their skills in photography. This makes event photography a good choice for amateur photographers who have just entered professional photography.

In event photography, the special events you will cover may vary a lot. Some are big with more than 100 attendees in a huge location while others are smaller events with around 20 or less participants. But well, no matter what the size or location is, all these events must be given equal importance by you.

There are plenty of picture opportunities in event photography. You may be able to apply the techniques, tips, and knowledge you have learned from the photography courses you took or from your past practical experiences.

If you are new to event photography, you need to learn some tips on how to successfully cover events. Working on your first event may be nerve-racking but if you are have studied or prepared on how to do it, then you surely can’t do it right.

  1. Gather info about the event

If you get hired to shoot an event, make sure to gather the relevant details about the event. Ask how many attendees are expected to come, what time will the event start and end, where is the exact location, is the event indoors or outdoors, etc. The information you’ve gathered can help you decide on what cameras, lenses and accessories to bring and what types of shots to take.

  1. Dress appropriately

You need to wear clothes that are appropriate for the event. Your outfit must blend well with the clothes that the attendees or guests will wear so you can take shots more discreetly and you remain unnoticed. Follow the lead of this wedding photographer kent and choose clothes that are appropriate for the event you are covering. If you are unsure on what to wear, you can ask your client or the event organizer.

  1. Shoot plenty

Take plenty of pictures during the event. Make sure you do not focus on one group or area only, try to cover or shoot different people and various moments. You can set your camera to continuous or burst mode so you can get more images in one click. Do no forget to bring enough memory cards and spare batteries so you will not run out of storage or go battery low.

  1. Bring a long lens

A telephoto lens or any long lens can help you shoot pictures even from a distance. You do not need to go near especially if the event requires you to take pictures discreetly.

A tripod may also come in handy depending on the event because it can provide stability for your camera so you can compose your shots better.

  1. Have a signed written contract

Never cover an event without signing a contract with the client. There must be a written agreement signed by both parties before the scheduled coverage. This gives you an assurance that you will get paid for what has been agreed. The details of the contract must be complete and specific. Even the professionals who are into boudoir photography always make sure that there is a written contact between them and their clients.

  1. Deliver as early as possible

Clients love it if you can show the event photos early. Try to work on the post-production of images right after the event so you can deliver the photos early or before the agreed date.

Each event is unique and may require a different approach. Always prepare and plan ahead so everything will run smoothly. Do your best to produce the best event photos that can make your clients come back to hire you again.

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