7 Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid

landscape photographyCapturing the beauty of magnificent landscape and awesome scenery is surely fun and exciting. It is not an easy task though because a photographer will need to take the job seriously in order to produce perfect landscape photos.

At start, an amateur landscape photographer will encounter challenges and even make mistakes when taking pictures. If you are among those beginner photographers who are really determined in becoming a great landscape photographer then it would help if you know the common landscape photography mistakes. You can avoid doing these mistakes and learn lessons from them.

  1. Not including the sky or the foreground

Some amateur photographers produce boring or dull landscape pictures because they are not aware of adding the sky or foreground in their image. Apart from choosing a focal point, you need to compose your shot and include the sky or foreground whichever looks more interesting.

Find something interesting to add in your shoot like the birds flying in the sky or the big rocks on the foreground.

  1. Not having a focal point

In landscape photography, it is not just about shooting the river, mountain or any land form or the entire scenery. You should find an interesting focal point where you will use as a base for composing your shot. Some photographers fail to find a focal point and just keep on taking shots without choosing a subject to focus on thus they get boring, empty-looking images.

  1. Forgetting to consider the light

Light plays an important part in photography and photographers should be aware of it when taking pictures. There are amateur photographers who forget to consider the light when planning for their shoot. You should think ahead of what time is best to shoot and learn also the expected weather in your chosen location. Golden hours are considered the best times to shoot since the light from the sun is not too bright. Professional landscape photographers of Funky Pixel Photography are aware of this golden hour.

  1. Not using a tripod

When shooting in a high, rocky terrain or similar locations, you should expect some difficulty in getting your camera stable. A tripod is thus important for a landscape photographer to use and neglecting the importance of using one is a common mistake by beginner photographers. They think that holding their camera by hand is enough and so they did not bring a tripod for the shoot. They later realized how hard it is to take pictures especially for long hours. The camera can be heavy to carry especially when you attach a long lens. This makes a tripod useful in providing the stability you need. By using a tripod, you can avoid camera shakes that can cause blurry or unclear images.

To learn how to take perfect landscape pictures, it is also advisable to take photography courses so you can surely learn the right knowledge and gain the skills needed for the job.

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