Camera Buying Guide for Beginner Photographers

dslr cameraAre you a beginner in photography? Are you getting confused which camera suits your desired type of photography? With all the different brands being offered in the market today, surely anyone would be having second thoughts as to which one is the best to buy.

Each camera brand offers different models with unique features that can distinguish one from the other.  It can really be confusing as to which one is suitable for the photographer’s needs. Beginner photographers who are looking forward to buying a new camera will need more guidance in choosing the right one.

Types of Camera to Choose From

There are three basic types of cameras to choose from and knowing each of them is important before deciding to make a purchase. Below is a short description for each type.

Point and Shoot Camera – this is a very basic camera who have been in the market for years now. It is generally the most affordable among the three types. If you are a beginner and want to transfer from using camera cellphone to a real camera then this can help you get started in learning basic photography. The pictures from this type of camera can also be enhanced or processed through numerous photo-editing applications.

Mirrorless Compact System Camera – It is one of the newest technologies in the camera industry. This camera has no mirror and viewfinder but can still produce quality pictures close to those from DSLR units. The huge reason for this is the interchangeable lenses that you can pair with it based on your purpose or desired type of shot. Mirrorless camera is described as second to DSLR camera with regards to performance and quality. Some photographers like street photographers prefer using Mirrorless rather than DSLR camera because it is lighter, cheaper and some are even better than other DSLR models.

DSLR Camera – this is the most popular type of camera among professional photographers today. DSLRs are fast, sharp and generally perform well even in low light situations. Even wedding photographer Berkshire recommends DSLR to newbie photographers.

If you’re to ask us, we recommend that you buy a DSLR camera. Now, how much does a DSLR camera cost?

Cost of a DSLR camera

DSLR cameras are generally more expensive than point and shoot cameras and mirrorless cameras. You need to invest in one if you are really serious in becoming a professional photographer. You have to set how much your budget is. Remember that you still need to buy lenses and other accessories so don’t put all your money into the camera body alone.

If you are looking forward to producing photos for commercial purpose or those worth keeping like wedding photos, then go for a mirrorless Camera or much better the DSLR Camera if you can afford one.

Another thing that you should consider in your budget is the freebees included in the unit. Some DSLRs offered in the market come in a kit which means a lens or other accessories are included in the purchased item. Make sure to read the specifications of the item you are eyeing to order.

Reading the specification of the camera you are planning to buy is also a good way to know if it is suitable for your needs and purpose. Check out also online reviews on that particular product so you will learn if it is worth buying or if it’s a waste of money. You surely don’t want to put into waste your hard-earned money, right? So, go ahead and do your research before making a purchase.

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