Five Valuable Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

wedding photography tipsTaking pictures of weddings seem fun and exciting especially for those who are just starting to take interest on it. It feels good to become a wedding photographer and capture the moments of a person’s big day through your lens. But then, unknown to some of you, wedding photography can be a real challenge to aspiring photographers.

A wedding can happen only once and there is no retake for the moments that have happened. You cannot tell a couple to repeat the bride’s walk to the aisle or the slicing of cake. You have to take brilliant moments of these photos in one shoot or take. Remember that the couple relies on you to produce wedding photos that show how the wedding went so you have to give it your best shot.

Now, how should an amateur wedding photographer prepare for a wedding? Well, here are 5 valuable tips that we believe amateur wedding photographers must know.

  1. Have a clear communication with the couple

Communication is a vital key for the success of a wedding. You need to meet with the clients in person several times so you will know the details of the wedding, what their expectations are in terms of the wedding photos are and what you can deliver. Never make a promise that you cannot deliver and be clear also with every wedding shooting detail. There should also be a contract that you and your clients should sign so both of you gets protected.

  1. Prepare or ask for a wedding shot list

Whether you are doing the traditional wedding photography style or documentary like that of wedding photographer cheshire, a wedding shot list will come in handy. You need a list to guide you on what to shoot so you won’t miss anything. Missing an important shot can result dissatisfaction to your clients especially if they think the shot is very important. You can prepare a wedding shot list and have your client particularly the bride add some to it or request for a list from them and you can items to it.

  1. Get information about the wedding venue/s

Learning about the wedding venue/s is critical in preparing for your wedding project. Scout the location in order to familiarize the spots and possibly plan where to position yourself during the actual wedding. There are also rules in some locations that you should be aware of so you can obtain any required permit. Also, if there is a wedding rehearsal, join in so you will know the flow of the wedding.

  1. Bring backup equipment

Always remember to bring a spare for each gear you have. You need to carry 2 or more professional cameras, suitable lenses, batteries as well as charger. Check each gear a day before the wedding so you can replace or fix whatever is necessary. Professional photographers such as our kent wedding photographer do this.

  1. Learn how to enhance photos

With the fast paced technology we have, it is important for you to be in the know on the latest editing program and master how to use it. A photo-editing program is usually used by professional photographers to fix or enhance their captured images. You have spend time in mastering your chosen photo editing program.

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