How Networking Can Help Your Wedding Photography Business Grow

wedding photographyPromoting a new business is not easy. Competition is tight no matter what industry you’ve decided to join in. In order to excel and be known, you need to capture the attention of potential customers first through effective marketing.

Like any other business, starting a wedding photography business is tough. There are hurdles that you need to pass through and conquer. You also need to learn the ins and outs in marketing that are relevant to today‘s modern age. Some marketing strategies applied by wedding photographers before may no longer work today. There is no denying though that the are some methods that still work today and will most likely continue to do so in the decades to come. One great method is networking.

Networking is basically getting connected with people in the same industry for the purpose of exchanging information and uplifting one another. For wedding photographers especially newbie wedding photographers, the method of networking can be an advantage to them in countless ways.


When you join in the wedding industry as a wedding photographer, you will surely meet other wedding vendors who are also working for your client’s wedding. Wedding caterers, florist, coordinators are among the wedding professionals you will encounter. Try to connect and interact with these people because they can help give more exposure to your business.

Say for example, if a wedding florist is attending or hosting an exhibit, he might invite you to join thus allowing you to get more exposure for your business. There are surely potential customers during that event and so this can be a good source of publicity for you and your business.

Free marketing

Word of mouth still amazingly works today. The wedding vendors that are among your new circle of friends can give kind words about you and your business if you are in good terms with them. They can send potential clients your way after convincing the engaged couples of how credible or skilled you are. You don’t have to spend a lot; a cup of coffee with a fellow wedding professional can be enough. Don’t forget to return the favor and give recommendations too whenever you meet customers looking for their services.

More knowledge

The wedding professionals in the wedding industry can share with you valuable information like photography seo that you may not have known when you took a business or photography course. These people can share with you their experiences and relevant knowledge that you may also be able to use in the future.

Good relationships

Networking is more than just getting referrals and promoting your business. It is about building wonderful relationships with the people around you. By doing so, you can work harmoniously and can assist one another at times of difficulties.

Even fellow wedding photographers like those from surrey wedding photography can also be your friends. There are photographers that are willing to recommend you to customers who won’t hire their services or are looking for a package similar to what you are offering.

In the wedding industry, it is best to gain more friends and establish good rapport. By having a strong network of friends in this industry, you can make your new photography business grow and be known.

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