Money Saving Tips When Planning For Your Wedding

wedding tipsA wedding can be costly for most engaged couples. They need to divide their wedding budget carefully to every big and small expense they need to incur. A couple needs to pay for the wedding venue, caterer, couturier, florist, wedding car, wedding photographer and many others. There are definitely a lot to spend for.

But then, if you are among those who are getting married, there are ways that you and your partner can spend less on your wedding without affecting your desired wedding outcome. Here are some money saving tips that you can follow when planning for your wedding:

  1. Set a priority list of wedding elements and specify the budget for each

A list that contains the different wedding elements arranged according to importance can guide you on where to focus on. You can list the most important ones like the venue, floral arrangement, catering and Seattle wedding photography service and then add optional elements at the bottom.

Next, set the budget for each after carefully doing a research on how much each costs. Check only to compare prices or ask your friends. Add the rough estimate or price range for each. Then later aim for the minimum cost or price.

  1. Ask help from close friends and family

If you really want to save on cost, you can ask help from family members. They might be able to contribute a certain amount for your wedding or they may know someone who can give you discounts. Do not be ashamed to ask for help because for sure they understand that after the wedding there are still plenty of things you have to spend for.

  1. Compare venues meticulously

The wedding venue rental cost is perhaps the most expensive element in a wedding. It can possibly take up a big part of your wedding budget unless you can find one at a lesser cost.

The wedding venue of your choice will usually depend on your location, wedding theme and of course your budget. Seek help from family or your trusted wedding planner on how much you should set for the venue rental. You can also ask for suggestions on what venues to choose. List each of the venues, talk personally to the venue manager, ask specific details and then compare prices of each venue. Decide with your partner on which venue is the most practical yet can possibly provide the best services you need.

  1. Spend less on the wedding dress and rings

A bride definitely wants to be the most beautiful woman during the wedding but that does not mean that she has to wear an expensive wedding gown. There are beautiful gowns that you can buy or even rent for this occasion. Keep in mind that you might be wearing this gown only once so you do not have to invest too much on it.

As for the wedding rings, there are jewelry stores that offer discounts for wedding rings. You can ask around and compare prices before making a purchase. You do not have to buy expensive wedding rings, spend less on them since there are still more important things to spend for when starting a family.

  1. Choose to wed during off-season

Off-peak season is a good time for you to get married at a lesser cost. Wedding services are mostly at a discounted price during off-season. Wedding photographers such as this Manchester wedding photographer offer lower photography packages and even venues can be rented at lower rate.

There are certainly ways you can save on wedding cost if you just plan carefully and follow the tips mentioned.

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