Sports Photography: What Equipment Do I Need

sports photographyWhen it comes to professional photography; buying cameras, set of lenses and other equipment should be taken seriously. It is not enough to buy just any DSLR camera or lens that you think is right. You need to buy the model that suits your needs particularly your specialization.

DSLRs cameras are the popular cameras used by professional photographers nowadays. These cameras are not cheap and the prices vary depending on the camera’s features and capacity. This makes it more important for you to choose the right camera and photography equipment so can get an ROI for your purchases. Our friends at portrait photography twickenham carefully choose the camera that they buy so their money won’t be put into waste.

One type of photography that requires advanced or high-end equipment is Sports Photography. In sports photography, you will mostly be shooting action packed games with fast moving objects. The distance also matters a lot in sports photography so the right camera and lenses are a big deal.

  1. Camera

For sports photography, the best camera is one that has a fast burst rate, long focal length and wide aperture. For the aperture, it is best to look for one with a maximum aperture of f/2.8. If you are on a tight budget, you can start with a camera that comes with a kit. The kit usually includes 2 to 3 zoom lenses.

These lenses have built-in image stabilization which can help in producing sharp image. The downside is that it is not a good choice for fast action games since the camera tends to slow down when you zoom in to take a shoot. Of course you can increase the ISO but with a higher ISO, the image quality will be lessened and grains are expected to appear in the image.

Some of the cameras that are worth looking into are Canon-1D X and Nikon D4. Study the settings of your camera and adjust it based on the sport you are covering. And yes, it helps a lot if you are familiar with the game so you can anticipate what will and can possibly happen.

  1. Lens

Professional sports photographers usually carry with them 2 to 3 lenses depending on what event they are covering. The common lenses they bring with them are prime lens and a telephoto zoom or mid-range zoom lens.

A prime lens works best if you are positioned near the main action. But if you are far from it, like in a football game, then the best lens is a telephoto zoom lens. The ideal focal length of lens for outdoor, distant shots is between 200-300mm.

A telephoto zoom lens (70-200mm) is also a good choice for sports photography since it has fast autofocus and works well in low light especially when covering indoor sports like basketball.

Wide zoom angles lens with a length of around 16-35mm is great for close up, portrait shots of players.  Even photographers of wedding photography Hertfordshire use a wide angle lens when photographing weddings.

  1. Monopod or Tripod

Some sports photographers choose to bring a monopod instead of a tripod because the former is lighter than a tripod. Choosing between the two will still depend on what sport you are photographing. If the game will last for an hour or more, the go choose a tripod. Both of them can provide stability to your camera for a sharper, clearer image.

  1. Important Accessories

Memory cards, spare batteries, camera housing (for water based sports), camera bag and flashes are also worth investing in. They all come in handy in making all your sport coverage successful.

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