Three Common Mistakes by Landscape Photographers

landscape photography tipsLandscape photography can be considered among one of the well-known forms of photography. It is somehow different though in a way that it focuses on nature or environment instead of human beings.

A different concept of photography is applied in landscape photography – very little to no human interaction at all. Those who are new to landscape photography will surely experience difficulties which of course can be conquered through preparation and determination. Mistakes will most likely be committed by newbies and that is acceptable as long as you learn from them and won’t commit them again. Surrey wedding photographer strongly agrees with this.

If you are an amateur photographer who is planning to specialize in landscape photography, below are 3 common mistakes that landscape photographers make that you should be aware of.

  1. Not having a focal point

Landscape photography is a very broad subject – it includes urban settings, industrial areas and the most well-known of all, nature. Now whether you are shooting at a machinery plant or on a clear blue sky, having a focal point that would hold a viewer’s attention, should be your primary objective as the photographer, unfortunately this is one thing that beginners are lacking of.

You must always remember that as a photographer you should choose or identify a focal point or a point of interest in the scene. This focal point will draw the attention of viewers into your picture. Without this point of interest, people would simply glance and pass by your image without showing interest. Points of interest can be a building, a mountain, a simple flower or even a stone in front of you. The more interesting your focal point, the better.

  1. Not checking ahead the available light

We all know how important proper lighting is in creating a perfect image. This is a main concern not only for those taking indoor shoots for boudoir photography but even for landscape photographers shooting outdoors. Some landscape photographers disregard the importance of observing the light and planning ahead on which times have the right light needed for a perfect landscape shot.

As a photographer, you must be very sensitive to the amount of light available. The light should be just right to create a drama or get the attention of your viewers. The best time to do a photo shoot outdoors is during the first hour after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset.

  1. Too many distracting elements

The last but not the least common mistake by photographers doing landscape is choosing a scene or part of a scenario that has distracting elements.  Choosing the right angle and focal point will certainly help avoid capturing an image that has too many distracting elements in it. One simple thing that photographer could do is make it as simple as possible, simplify it that you could easily get the viewers attention and be able to relay your message to them.

Learning from these 3 common mistakes can help you produce more brilliant landscape photos that can lead your way to success.

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