Top Tips to Get the Best Wedding Photography Snaps with an iPhone

A lot of people nowadays are getting hooked into using their smartphones in taking photographs. They find it convenient to use their gadget not only for communicating through calls and messaging but also for capturing moment in their daily lives. One of the most loved smartphones today is an iPhone.

IphoneiPhone is a product of Apple Inc which was first introduced in 2007 and over the years Apple continuously improved their smartphone. The latest iPhone version is iPhone 6 and users love the wonderful features that this smartphone has to offer.

Professional photographers also like to use an iPhone for their work because it has some settings and features similar to that of a DSLR Camera. Some photographers use an iPhone as a backup camera when covering a wedding or other event. When their main DSLR camera breaks down, they can still capture important events using an iPhone.

iPhone offers a lot of great features that are worth knowing if you really want to get the best out of this gadget. If you are planning to cover a wedding as a professional photographer or if will attend a wedding and want to take wedding snaps, then your iPhone can be your best buddy for the event.

Here are some top tips on how to get the best wedding photography snaps with an iPhone.

  • Avoid using zoom and flash

Try to get near your subject instead of zooming in your camera. This is to avoid reducing the image quality of the picture. Do avoid also using flash and use the natural light instead. If you need to use flash indoor in low light, you have to find the best angle to capture the best shot. Try to practice ahead before the event.

  • Your Auto-HDR should be turned ON

Auto-HDR can help you capture more brilliant, high quality pictures. Make sure to change your phone settings and turn on Auto-HDR during the wedding.  Wedding photographer Nottingham fully agrees with this tip.

  • Use the camera grid

The camera grid of your iPhone can help you take steady or right angled shots. The lines in the camera can serves as your guide when taking picture.

  • Choose the app that suits you

There are many third party apps that can help you get the best wedding photography snaps. Check out the apps like VSCO cam, Manual, ProShot and Camera+ and see which one you like best.

These applications offer different nice features that can help you get your desired shots. Try to study these apps before your event and install your choice in your phone.  You can also easily edit a picture using any of these apps and share them online. Our Kent Wedding Photographer also uses some of these applications.

  • Add a shortcut of your iPhone camera

Change your settings and add the camera icon as shortcut. This can help you easily take shots after shots without having to unlock your phone.

  • Bring a tripod, monopod and extra battery packs

If you have a tripod and monopod, bring them for these devices might come in handy especially in taking group shots. Don’t forget also to bring extra batteries if you have any.

Weddings are a very important event and your iPhone can be a useful gadget in taking wonderful wedding pictures – pictures that your newlywed friends will surely love and treasure for a lifetime.

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