What is the Best Lens Choice for Football Photography?

football photographyFootball is an active and high intensity type of sports that is popular in many parts of the world. You can watch different local, national and even world football competitions participated by different countries.

Football is becoming more and more popular and its popularity is one of the reasons why there are professional photographers who chose to focus on football photography. They know that a lot of people are looking forward to seeing and keeping pictures their favorite football player in action.

Football Photography Defined

Football photography falls under sports photography and is focused in covering football games. A football photographer intends to capture intense action in the football game. The photographer wants to get a shot that will convey how exciting the game was.

This can be a difficult task for a football photographer since the football players move fast and the actions can be unpredictable. But then, with the help of a reliable camera and set of lenses it is now easier and possible to produce high quality images when covering a football game.

Choosing the Right Gear

Some photographers say that football photography is expensive and yes it really is. The full-frame camera body alone costs more than a thousand dollars. And since, football is an outdoor sport where a photographer is usually positioned far from the actual game it is important to use the correct lens that can help capture important thrilling moments in the game.

The question now is, “what is the best lens choice for Football Photography”?

We’ve talked to several professional football photographers to ask for tips and advice on what lenses are best for this type of photography and here are the tips they shared.

  1. Telephoto lenses are better than prime lenses when shooting a football game.

The football field is wide and it is impossible to get close to the game with only a prime lens attached on camera. You need a zoom lens that is at least 200 mm so you can get high quality images even from afar. Even wedding photographer essex uses this lens when shooting a couple exchanging vows in a wedding ceremony to avoid disturbing the moment.

  1. Mid-range zoom lens is a good choice when you are close to the action.

A 24-70 mm lens is a good choice if you are in the front row or close to it. A mid-zoom lens can give you a high resolution image of the players in action. You can set the shutter speed to freeze the action-filled moments. Some mid-range zoom lenses you should consider buying are Canon’s EF 24-70mm f/2.8L and Nikon’s AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

  1. Wide angle lens around 10-17 mm is best for taking shots of the whole field or outdoor location.

Another lens that is best for football photography is the wide angle lens. It is great when you want to photograph the whole field or outdoor location where the event/game will take place. Photographers of Wedding photography Bali also use wide angle lens to take pictures of the entire wedding venue/location before the actual wedding takes place.

The above-mentioned lenses are considered the top three best lenses in photography. Most football photographers own not less than 2 kinds of lenses. By having more options to choose from, they can produce more creative shots and it is easier to capture fast actions in a football game.

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