What’s the Best Camera for Action Photography?

dslr cameraWhen it comes to taking pictures, professional photographers have varying opinions on what cameras are best to use. The choice will usually depend on the budget, photographer’s style and form of photography. If you love taking pictures of things or subjects that move fast, then there are cameras that are best for action photography.

Action photography can be easily linked to sports photography since the later involves capturing images of moving subjects in a game or sports events. Those who are into action photography cannot just use any camera. They need to use cameras that are really suitable for action or sports photography. Ordinary cameras will produce blurry images thus it is better to study first what features in a camera you need to look for before buying one for sports photography.

Needless to say DSLR cameras are a better choice compared to point and shoot cameras and mirrorless units.

Now, what do you think are the features that can make a DSLR best for action photography? Well, below are several important features that make a great DSLR for action or sports photography.

  1. Great auto focus

There are brand new DSLR models that have really impressive autofocus. These models usually get the focus right unlike other units wherein the focus suddenly changes. A DSLR camera with a great autofocus will adjust whenever necessary so the focus is in place and always correct. Most high end DSLRs have better auto focus.

  1. High maximum drive rate

DSLRs vary on how many pictures are shot at continuous shoot mode. Some DSLR cameras have a maximum drive rate of 3fps (which means 3 frames/pictures per second) while others have 5 fps or higher. The higher the drive rate, the faster your camera and the better chance of capturing those fleeting actions. Even wedding photographer Hertfordshire finds this important when he covers weddings.

  1. Low noise at high iSO

Another aspect worth looking into when buying a camera is its ISO performance especially when set high. Some cameras will produce grainy images when you adjust its ISO while others are great in low noise even at high ISO.

You can read reviews online or get ideas from photographer st albans and other professional photographers to know which camera work well even at high ISO.

  1. Fast writing speed

A camera that can process images and write data fast on a memory card is important to an action or sports photographer. He can capture images quicker if there’s no issue with buffering or processing.

Among the DSLR cameras that we suggest you check out are Nikon D5100, Canon EOS 550D and Nikon D3200. Go visit several camera stores and ask about their DSLRs for sports or action.  Try the different models and ask for specifications. You can also get ideas and valuable information online by reading reviews from credible websites.

Lastly, there are camera rental stores where you can try renting several cameras until you finally figure out what is the best camera for action photography.

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